Add, Drop, and Refund Policies

Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Policies

After the start of term, all drops and withdrawals must be processed through the PEL  office and require written notification which must be received on or prior to the deadline dates and times stated above. Withdrawal forms may be found here.

Students are responsible for dropping and withdrawing from unwanted courses. This must be accomplished prior to the first class meeting for a 100% refund. Students not in attendance at the first class meeting without instructor's approval will be dropped from the course and will be charged 10% of the course tuition.

Reducing the number of courses taken during a term may affect your financial aid/loans. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (727)-864-8334 before dropping or withdrawing from classes.

Registration for 8-week and 16-week directed study courses may be done online through ECWeb. Registration for 16-week independent study courses, senior projects, internships, and directed study Comprehensive Examination courses requires an academic contract. The contracts are available on the Directed Studies webpage, which can be accessed here, or in the PEL office. Registrations after the last day to add must be approved through petition.

Refund Policies

  • Classes dropped prior to term start date will receive a 100% refund.
  • Classes dropped by 4pm the first Friday after term start date will receive a 90% refund.
  • Classes dropped by 4pm the second Friday after term start date will receive 25% refund.
  • Class withdrawal following the second Friday after term start date will receive no refund, and a W grade will be given for the course.
If you have any questions about add/drop policies, refund policies, or academic deadlines and dates, please contact the PEL office at (727)-864-8226.