Experiential Credit


CLEP & DSST exams allow you to test out of up to 6 courses and receive up to 21 hours of credit.  Find out more about the tests and how to register for them at the link above.

Experiential Learning Credit & FAQ

By transferring credits from previous institutions and earning experiential credits for your work experience, you may lower the number of credits needed to complete your degree. Find out more about how to earn experiential credit, learn about standards for quality assurance that are used to assess experiential credit, and see the answers to frequently asked questions here.

Experiential Learning Assessment Fees

Portfolio Assessment: $350.00
Fee for formal academic evaluation of prior experiential learning.

Experiential Learning Credit Fee: $300.00
Fee per course equivalent awarded for each learning statement, license, or certificate.

Outline of College Level Experiential Learning

This outline provides information that will help your advisor determine your potential for prior learning credit.

The PEL Portfolio

The Portfolio is the vehicle through which you request experiential credit. This guide will assist you in organizing and presenting your Portfolio in accordance with PEL criteria.