Experiential Learning Assessment FAQ

What are the most commonly used assessment methods for experiential learning as evaluated by Eckerd College?
  1. Courses of study rated by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (National PONSI). Examples of this type of learning are courses sponsored by the National Emergency Training Center, LOMA, and the military.
  2. Certificates or licenses.
  3. CLEP or DSST testing in subjects approved by Eckerd College.
  4. Portfolio evaluation.

Do I need to be enrolled at Eckerd College and working toward my B.A. degree to have credit awarded for experiential learning?

Yes. Your academic adviser or your admissions counselor can explain the details.

How do I know if my learning is college level?

By discussing your knowledge and experience with your academic adviser.

Can experiential learning awarded from other colleges or universities be transferred to Eckerd College?

Only if the credit is part of a degree (A.A., B.A. or B.S.) granted by a regionally accredited institution.

What is a portfolio of experiential learning?

A portfolio is made up of one or more learning statements. Each learning statement is your petition for one course equivalency or 3.5 semester hours.

What types of subjects are assessed through the portfolio method?

Subjects not rated by national organizations such as ACE or National PONSI or previously approved by Eckerd faculty.

How long after I submit my portfolio will I know how many courses were approved?

The evaluation of learning statements in a portfolio depends on the availability of faculty or other professionals who participate in the process. The credit you receive will be reported when your degree plan is revised to reflect the courses awarded.

Is it worthwhile to submit a portfolio if I have a large amount of transfer credit already?

Your adviser can help you determine if you have enough room on your degree plan to use portfolio credit if you also have a large about of transfer credit.

Does portfolio work have to be submitted before acceptance into PEL? What is the time frame for submitting your portfolio?

Your portfolio must be submitted prior to taking Quest for Meaning and evaluated prior to your doing your comprehensive examination course, senior thesis or senior project.

What is the number of learning statements I can submit in a portfolio?

A maximum of 9 courses, the equivalent of 1 year of credit, can be awarded by portfolio. (Please remember that students must fulfill all degree plan requirements.)

How long will it take for my learning statements to be posted to my transcript and how are they evaluated or graded?

Upon completion of the evaluation of your portfolio, your adviser will revise your degree plan to reflect the credit awarded. Credit for experience is either accepted or not; grades are not assigned and the terms pass/fail are not used.

What is experiential credit through external evaluation?

Courses of study that have been evaluated by national organizations and listed as college equivalent work.

Can experiential credit replace core courses for my major?

Most experiential credit is used for internships or open elective requirements, not for theoretical courses that comprise the majority of core courses in the major.

Would experiential credit affect my graduating with Honors or High Honors?

Yes, it might. Experiential credit is not considered in calculating the total number of courses a student has taken at Eckerd College. A student who is hoping to qualify for Honors or High Honors at graduation must have completed a minimum of 18 Eckerd College courses.