Outline of College Level Experiential Learning

This form will help you identify your learning experiences so that you and your advisor can consider whether they could be used for experiential credit. Please complete the form in its entirety. Remember to include dates so we may identify how long you have worked in any one professional setting.

As you fill in the form, please keep in mind that Eckerd College will award academic credit for experiential learning through the Program of Experienced Learners, provided the learning is:
  1. college-level and similar to that taught at institutions such as Eckerd,
  2. well documented, and
  3. fits into your overall program.
You may also refer to the PEL Portfolio booklet to learn more about how to write a learning statement for your portfolio. You can get additional information from either your academic advisor or the experiential learning assessment coordinator. Examples of student portfolios are also available on the main campus in St. Petersburg.

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Nov 12, 2015, 1:05 PM