Writing Intensive

Writing Intensive

All Eckerd College students are required to complete a Writing Intensive course. All Composition courses fulfill the Writing Intensive requirement, and specific courses within the majors are designated as Writing Intensive. All Writing Intensive courses are specified as such in the schedule. Writing Intensive courses are not related to the Writing Exhibit. Your academic advisor will discuss your options and help you select a course that fulfills the requirement and fits within your degree plan.

Composition Courses

CO 121 Writing Processes: Introduction to writing processes: pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing. Development of personal voice to express ideas and values. Journal, academic essays, proper use of resources including documentation. Native speakers of English may take two 100 level composition classes for credit at Eckerd College.

Co 122 Analytic and Persuasive Writing: This class explores the relationships among critical reading, analytical thinking, and clear, compelling writing to help students compose well-substantiated arguments. Native speakers of English may take two 100-level composition courses for credit at Eckerd College.

CO 200E Writing the Environment: Investigation and practice of some of the many ways that people write about the environment, including the personal essay, advocacy writing, environmental journalism, environmental history, and scientific writing.

CO 328 Research, Writing, and Technology: This course helps students develop the ability to negotiate different digital spaces as a writer.

Writing Intensive Courses in the Majors

HD 327 Research Methods in Human Development